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I can't wait.

So a little birdy told me we're going to
work together?!

It's time to work with me if:

  • You want to stop googling and stop feeling overwhelmed by nutrition.
  • You're sick of long or short menstrual cycles.
  • Turns out your period is now completely MIA.
  • You have endo, PCOS or a thyroid condition. 
  • You're planning to have a baby (or you're not not trying).
  • Congrats! You're pregnant - but you've no idea what to eat now.
  • You have food intolerances or have been diagnosed with IBS.
  • You are looking for a paediatric dietitian to support your child's growth or medical condition.
  • You need help navigating your child's food allergy or intolerance.
  • Your child's eating has limited variety and you're unsure where to go next.

My specialties include:

Pregnancy and 

Reproductive health

Food allergies
and intolerances

Paediatric nutrition and growth

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Q: Do you sell consult packages?
A: We can discuss packaging your review appointment following your initial consult. If you'd like to learn more about package options get in touch with me here

Q: What's your cancellation policy?
A: Cancellation within 48-hours of your appointment may result in a late cancellation fee (50% of appointment cost). If you do not notify me that you can no longer attend your appointment, this will result in a no-show fee (100% of appointment cost).  

Q: How do I access the online consultation?
A: Once you make your booking you will receive the details to attend your online consultation. 

Q: Am I eligible for a private health rebate?
A: This depends on your level of health cover, so please check with your provider before the session to avoid disappointment. After your appointment I will provide you with a receipt to submit to your provider. Please note: you cannot claim from both private health and Medicare for the same appointment.

Q: How much is a consultation?
A: Initial consultations are $190 for 50 minutes and reviews are $150 for 45 minutes. 

Q: When do I need to pay?
A: Payment is required upon booking your initial consultation. Review appointments can be paid at the time of your appointment. 

Q: Do you accept Chronic Disease Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements? 
A: Yes, but it needs to be sent to hello@ginajournet.com prior to your first appointment and needs to be clearly addressed to Gina Journet and contain the number of dietetic sessions. After your appointment I will provide you with a receipt to submit to Medicare for your rebate.

Before you book in, you might have some questions: